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The extreme seasons in the KC Metro put our homes through a lot! They allow algae, mildew, dirt, and other organic material to collect and grow on almost every surface of your house and surrounding hardscapes. 

Pink Hippo Power Wash uses professional grade exterior cleaning equipment and techniques to safely and effectively clean homes from top to bottom, turning back the clock on years of organic growth.  Our power washing services are effective at cleaning nearly all exterior residential surfaces, with results that are sure to exceed expectations. We guarantee client satisfaction on every job!  Let us do the heavy lifting.  Our certified and insured crew will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Take a look below at the variety of exterior power washing services that we offer, and don't forget to check out our Before & After pictures in the Gallery to see images of our most common services. 

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Homes exteriors gradually accumulate unsightly dirt and mildew that can damage surfaces if left unchecked.  Blasting it with super high pressure can strip paint and damage siding.  Pink Hippo uses safe, reduced pressure equipment and cleaning agents to remove dirt and organic stains.  Our soft washing techniques are safe for nearly all types of siding including brick, Hardi Plank, stucco, vinyl siding, painted wood, and more. 

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KC Metro home roofs take a lot of abuse from the weather, but they also are a breeding ground for several living organisms that feed on and decrease the life of roofing materials.  You'll notice these in the form of black streaking or patchy discoloration and green moss and lichen growing in areas that don't get much sunlight. Pink Hippo uses safe SOFT WASH equipment to remove those organisms while avoiding high pressure that could damage roof shingles.  

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Your driveway, walkway, sidewalks, and other hardscapes collect dirt, stains and are a breeding ground for mildew.  This can be unsightly and unsafe when they get slippery.  Not every hardscape surface can be power washed the same way and can be damaged if too much pressure is used!  Let Pink Hippo assess each of your hardscapes and professionally remove years of buildup.  A freshly power washed driveway instantly will improve your home's curb appeal.

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Pink Hippo offers a variety of additional power washing services to revitalize your property.  Please let us know if you're interested in any of these additional services on the quote request. 

  • Deck Cleaning

    • Wood and engineered deck material require a professional touch to clean, revitalize avoid damage​

  • Fence Cleaning

    • Proper fence cleaning uses specialized cleaning agents to remove mildew and restore wood​

  • Gutter Brightening

    • The dark streaks on gutters are made of both organic material and oxidation and require specialized cleaning agents and scrubbing to remove​

  • Pool Deck Cleaning

    • Pool decks are made from a variety of hardscape finishes.  We make sure to use the correct method to clean while avoiding damage​

  • Graffiti Removal

    • Graffiti on concrete, limestone, and brick surfaces is a nuisance and can't simply be painted over.  We use specialized detergents and power washing equipment to remove the graffiti and restore those surfaces 

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